Over the years, with the solidarity and cooperation of Kunjian people and the support of friends from all walks of life, the company has developed rapidly and has established major branches. Mainly engaged in coal processing logistics.

Diversified areas such as distribution, financial investment, food trade, and medical services.

The company has won the honor of taxpayers in 2008 and has been adjusting its strategies and deficiencies at the same time as serving strategic partners.

Strive to be better. The company attaches great importance to team building, through the combination of internal training and external introduction, and various professional talents, with the values of “creation, responsibility and sharing”.

Kunjian Holdings is committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, and strives to develop and cooperate with customers to achieve win-win results.

Fynex textiles
Fujian shishi thermoelectric co. LTD
Guangdong erjin ceramics co. LTD
Hangzhou hanggang foreign economic and trade co. LTD
Shantou tianyi energy co. LTD
Shenhua sales group co. LTD
Shishi longxiang leather co. LTD
Wuxi liansheng printing and dyeing co
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